Saturday, 6 September 2014

Why an SEO freelancer or a Company is important for your business website growth?

Hello, everybody, I'm Diwakar Kumar from New Delhi, India. My profession is to make your brand awareness and company growth by online marketing or advertisement for your business website.

Yes, of course, I’m talking about SEO and all. I’m in this profession since June, 2010. During this period, I have learned a lot that enhance my skill and knowledge. Here I want to explain that why you need SEO services and what is the role of it in the online marketing through organic search?

What is SEO? 

SEO means Search Engine Optimization that clearly defines that optimizing of your personal or business website that make more visible and searchable on any search engines, according to the query or keyword entered by the searchers.

SEO is nothing but just the strategy and guidelines provided by all major search engines to make your website more visible in the search result pages.There are multiple lists of SEO ranking factor that the webmasters build from these guidelines to promote your website online and to give you a better ranking position on all major search engines including Google.

Types of SEO  

There are mainly two types of SEO that are categorized through their technique.

White Hat SEO also called Organic SEO 

It has completely follow the guidelines provided by the search engines. Some of it’s techniques are keyword analysis, content optimization, page speed optimization, meta optimization, link building and more to improve the link popularity.

Black Hat SEO 

It’s not follow the guidelines provided by the Google or any other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and etc.
Some of these techniques that Google recommended to completely avoid such as Cloaking, Sneaky redirects, Hidden text or links, Doorway pages, Scraped content and more.

Why have I need SEO? 

Suppose you have a website and through that website you want to grow your business online but, when people search with the help of Google, Bing and Yahoo for an item, a product or any services then you are not noticed by them, why? Because your website is not visible at the time of searches that’s why you are not noticed by them or even get a single click.

So, the following problems come your way once your website is not visible in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages):

If you are not noticed by the thousands of customer per day/month that they actually looking for their service or need.

Once you are not noticed by them you wouldn't get a single click through searches.
Once it wouldn't get clicks, then you wouldn't get any visitor.
And once you wouldn't get any visitor you can’t convert any visitor into a customer.
Once you didn't get any customer through online then you can’t earn.
And Once you can’t earn how would your business grow.

So, If you are still not utilizing the benefit of SEO then it’s the time take a service by an expert that have good experience in this profession either they are a freelancer or a company.

Now, if you think how to choose the best SEO company then read this article but most of the company's price demand have more than your expectation. Don’t worry there are lots of SEO freelancer that take projects as a freelance work. They are also good and experienced read this group discussion on LinkedIn, to know how to choose best SEO freelancer. And if you hired me as SEO freelancer then I’m glad to work with you.

See my presentation below that explain what SEO strategies I follow.